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Irish Technical Diving Wiki

Irish Cave Diving Database. This supplements the 1988 Irish Sump Index. It summarises recent cave diving activity in Irish sumps.

Irish Wreck Diving Database. This is a list of commonly dived shipwrecks and information useful for the diver.

To contribute to the database please subscribe to the forum or send dive reports to


For general queries on the diving or areas described in the wiki content please subscribe to the forum. The administrators of the site may not be experts in the activity or the area described in the wiki content. It's a much better idea to ask your question of the active local divers who can be contacted via the forum.

For all website related matters please contact

Readers Guide

For information on using the wiki please consult the Reader User's Guide.

Editors Guide

For information on editing and updating the wiki content please consult the Editor User's Guide. However the following section gives a rapid overview of what is involved.

Logging In

To edit the Irish Cave Diving Database website you need to login - use the same username and password as you use for the forum.

Editing a page

Editing a page is very simple - as simple as editing a Microsoft Word document. I've only found the following simple tasks so far:

  • Add a new section - this is done by putting == tags either side of the County Name or using the A Level 2 Headline button in the editor
   == Co. Cavan ==

  • Add a new page - this is done by putting [[ tags either side of the Complex Name or using the Internal Link button in the editor
   [[Desperation Gulch, Co. Cavan]]

  • Highlight the name of the site - this is done by putting ''' tags either side of the site name or using the B button in the editor
   '''Desperation Gulch'''

  • Upload an image - this is done by using the following tag:

That then produces a link on the page and when you click it you are asked to upload the file. You can size it, thumbnail it, position it, title etc. Details are in the user guide above.

Here's an example: [[Image:Desperation Gulch1.jpg|200px||left|Desperation Gulch Entrance]]

Desperation Gulch Entrance

  • Put in a web link - this is done by using the following tag:
   [ forum] forum

  • Put in a Google Map - this is done by using the map editor button which is on the extreme right of the button menu bar in the edit window or using the following tag:
   <googlemap version="0.9" lat="54.118188" lon="-7.288055" type="map" zoom="10">54.00871, -7.161209,
          Desperation Gulch
          The deepest cave in the world

  • Put in a YouTube video - this is done using the following tag:

Adding Comments

Comments on the content of the page may be added by going to the discussion tab and either editing the existing discussion or better still using the + link to the right of the edit link and add a new topic of discussion.

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